Our Mission

By combining student savings with scholarships, one-on-one financial training, and college success coaching we aim to help under-represented students obtain a college education and graduate workforce-ready with little to no student loan debt.

Success Model

Each year, students will save $500 to invest in their own education while working with a financial counselor/success coach and will be rewarded by an 8 : 1 match. This provides the student with $4,500 per scholastic year in available funds for tuition, fees and other unmet needs.

Phase 1

High School Ambassador program to launch BayWay 2 College in our community.

Summer 2023

Phase 2

BayWay 2 College 8 : 1 match scholarship program launch.

Winter 2023

The Future

The future of BayWay 2 College is not limited to the "standard" 4-year college plan. We hope to expand our efforts to assist skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

Real change takes action, patience, and determination.

Below you will see the ways you can serve our community and help close the opportunity gap.

Community Ambassadors

Promotes the program in the community as a partner with the vision of collaboration > competition.

Steering Committee Members

Supports the success and growth by acquiring community partnerships.

Financial Support

Matched savings is provided by private/public funding. I.E. higher education contributions and philanthropic efforts.

The load is lighter when everyone lifts.